Here are some of Laura’s recorded works and where to purchase them. Click on the links to find out more. All music © Laura Rossi 2017


Song For Marion
Songs and original score from Paul Andrew Williams film.
Recorded by the Chamber Orchestra of London at British Grove Studios.
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The Battle of the Somme (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Orchestral score for the 1916 film – The Battle of the Somme. It was recorded in London by the Philharmonia Orchestra and mixed at Abbey Road Studios to coincide with the DVD release of the film.
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3342531_300x300_1London to Brighton (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
[Sony 88697094812]
String orchestra and piano score for Paul Andrew Williams’s debut feature film.
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Shooting Shona (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Thriller feature scored for chamber ensemble.
CD available for download at MovieScore Media


The Cottage (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The music from the 2008 Paul Andrew Williams film The Cottage, starring Andy Serkis and Jennifer Ellison (whose half-decapitated head can be seen in the bucket on the CD cover).
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[CAVCD 231]
Minimal, reflective, warm and spacious works for strings and piano by Laura Rossi
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cavc0250The Editor’s Construction Kit (Orchestral Textures)
[CAVCD 250]
Magical / Shimmering / Movement / Light / Dark – The Editors Construction Kit contains a range atmospheres, sound design, beds, bridges, drones, rhythm, textures, effects.
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[CAVCD 264]
A chill makes your blood turn cold; anxiety as the shadow approaches; the presence of something behind you; all this and more in this album of highly-strung cinematic horror music
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European Cinema
[CAVCD 309]
A tribute to the classics of European cinema, with tracks ranging from simple, beautiful orchestra and piano, to smoky jazz and haunting solo piano.
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European Cinema (piano versions)
[CAVCD 310]
A companion mini-album to European Cinema (CAV CD 309) featuring piano reductions of the orchestral tracks.
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cavc0354Dreamscapes 2
[CAVCD 354]
Minimal, reflective, warm and spacious works for strings and piano.
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[CAVCD 371]
An album of orchestral/ choral music for the centenary of the First World War.
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