Fanged Up  2018

British comedy film about vampires in a prison.
Starring Daniel O’ReillyLauren SochaSteven BerkoffNick NevernDanielle HaroldLucy PinderVas BlackwoodStu Bennett and others
Writers Daniel O’ReillyNick Nevern and Dan Palmer
Director Christian James
Producers Terry Stone and Richard Turner



Fanged Up follows the story of Jimmy Ragsdale, who may have the gift of the gab, but certainly doesn’t have the lifestyle he wants. After a desperate play for the ladies, in one foul swoop, Jimmy gets himself fired and arrested. He’s sent to the mysterious Stokesville prison, where he’s due to stay on remand over the weekend until his hearing. However, he soon realises he’s not going anywhere, trapped in an eerie prison that’s home to a big secret.

2018 British comedy film about vampires in a prison. Stars Daniel O’ReillyLauren SochaSteven BerkoffNick NevernDanielle Harold and others.