This was a great project, I was commissioned by the Arctic Circle to do arrangements of Vernon Elliot’s music with Craig Fortnam and the North Sea Radio Orchestra so I went round to his daughter Bridget’s house who had lots of his old hand written scores and waded through them. Such wonderful music; simple, melodic and very moving. I then wrote a piece called “Variation’s on a theme by Vernon Elliot” and did a medley of The Pinguins, The Pogles and The Clangers as well as arranging one episode which we performed live with the film. The music was performed by the North Sea Radio Orchestra and conducted by Craig Fortnam.

The music of Vernon Elliot (a tribute to the world of Smallfilms) performed by North Sea Radio Orchestra.

A celebration of the much-loved music Vernon Elliott composed for Oliver Postgate & Peter Firmin – Smallfilms productions. Step back in time into the worlds of The Clangers, Ivor the Engine, Pogles Wood, Noggin the Nog and more. Also featuring specially commissioned music arranged by Craig Fortnam and Laura Rossi, including a live to screen performance of the episode Music from the first series of The Clangers.The performance will also feature a special arrangement of the songs and music from Bagpuss.